Top Destination in Southeast Asia

Find the top destination across Southeast Asia region

Southeast Asia is one of the popular destination for the tourist not only for the friendliness of the people but also rich of the culture, history, culinary and magnificent landscape that amaze anyone. On the other hand, traveling to Southeast Asia can be cheaper and the tropical climate that easily adapted by the tourist.

Thailand is well known with the famous of Thai cuisine around the world and also the beauty of the ocean in the Krabi Island. On the other hand Bangkok is the modern capital of the Thailand can be one of the alternative for the tourist for shopping.

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia that has more than thousand of islands that can be experienced from east to the west. Bali is one of the famous tourism place for the people that want to learn about culture and explore the beauty of the underwater living by deep diving in the diving spot.

Malaysia is one of the multicultural country with the richness of culinary. Langkawi is one of the famous spot for exploring the beauty of the ocean.