7 Best Snorkeling Spot in Indonesia

Indonesia has the country with thousand of islands to explore. Because of that Indonesia can be the best place for any diver and tourist who really wants to enjoy the landscape of underwater. Enjoying underwater is a peaceful condition without any noise underwater, we can see the beauty of underwater living. Some of the people prefer to deep diving to enjoy that, but for the people without the licensed for diving prefer doing snorkeling in a shallow underwater area.

For today's travelpedia we will spot 7 destination that you can visit for snorkeling in Indonesia :

#1 Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh is located in the north of Aceh Province. To travel there, you need to go to Sabang and take a traditional boat to there.

#2 Gili Trawangan

#3 Pulau Pari

#4 Karimun Jawa

#5 Amed

#6 Derawan Island

#7 Menjangan Island

5 Tips for Traveling by Backpacking

#1 Pack Light - Don't Bring Unnecessary

When you use your backpack pack, your spell should be a lightweight package. You love with your jeans, please kindly leave it behind, because it will weigh you while you are hiking or exploring the destination. You must leave unnecessary things and bring the right thing. Take off your favorite jewelry or watch at home, if you are going to hiking or diving just bring the proper watch for that activity .

#2 Save Money for Food, Cook!

Try a hundred backpacker hostels around the world. Good for a free breakfast or even a common kitchen with kitchen access. If you buy groceries and cook in dormitories, you can save a lot of money to get long travel bonuses; But for this thing, you just need a simple recipe to cook your food, such as cooking the egg or even making a toast.

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/alone-backpack-bag-commuter-346767/